Ninth Anniversary


Happy Anniversary, Honey

Hard though it is to believe, I forgot that my wedding anniversary was today.

Don’t worry, though. Erin sort of forgot too. The date snuck up on us, overshadowed by some hefty work on both sides, the oncoming Halloween and, of course, our young daughter’s second birthday.

Children, eh? They do rearrange your priorities.

But it is hard to believe that, on this day next year, it will be our tenth anniversary. It doesn’t feel right. The time has gone too fast. But here we are, in our mid-thirties, coming to the slow realization that some of the kids I present to in my school readings, attending grades that I remember with complete clarity, are technically young enough to be my sons or daughters. That first online meeting between myself and Erin that I can remember as if it was yesterday? Thirteen years, three months ago. That sturdy two bedroom apartment we shared? Ten years, two months ago. That beautiful fall day when you wore that wonderful white dress, and you shone in silhouette when they opened the church doors? Nine years ago today. Where has the time gone?

My current theory is that Vivian slurps it up. She’s growing like a weed. Again, it seems like only yesterday when she grabbed a plastic cup for the first time and tipped it to her lips in the perfect mimicry of drinking. Looking at the photographs, it’s amazing how her face has changed, and looking back, it’s amazing the conversations we’re now having.

And in two short years, she’ll be out of her diapers, able to dress herself (sort of) and off to kindergarten. It doesn’t seem so long, now, does it? But by then, we’ll be celebrating our eleventh anniversary.

This is why they say that time flies when you’re having fun. It has been gorgeous sharing this time, enjoying the days one after the other. And if we’re lucky, time should continue to flow fast, as we eagerly gather memories.


Breeding Recycling Bins

We live in a townhouse complex grouped rather snugly together. I love the neighbourhood, but one of the drawbacks is that our garbage and recycling, when placed at the front door, often ends up grouped close together.

Even though recycling and garbage go out on the same day, this is usually not a problem, except for the fact that the people who collect the blue box materials move rather quickly and are not very careful in putting those blue boxes back. On more than one occasion, I’ve had to stop and get out of my car to move a discarded blue box, just so I could pull into my driveway.

And, once, I couldn’t find my blue box at all, but I noticed one that was a couple of houses down the street. Oh, well, I think with a shrug. It has been a windy day. So I stroll out and collect it, leaving it by my front door.

And later discover that Erin has already retrieved our blue box, its on the other side of the front door.

That’s fine, I think. Nobody has bashed down our door demanding their blue box, yet. Next garbage day, we’ll put both blue boxes out, and the person who is missing their blue box will come and collect it, and we’ll all be happy.

Now we have three.

Do these things… breed? When you’re not looking?

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