The Epic, Fifty Question, Are You a Big Geek, Test

Question 1: is the following photograph cool to you?


If your answer to the question is “yes”, skip the rest of the test. You have just combined a love of Apple with a love of Star Trek. Of course you are a very big geek.

And we love you.

Seriously, what you are looking at is the work of an emerging company called Etchstar, which offers a neat laser-etching opportunity to personalize just about any piece of electronic equipment on your person, in this case an iconic image of the Starship Enterprise on the lid of a black MacBook.

The image above came from EtchStar’s Flickr stream and comes courtesy of the Unofficial Apple Weblog. Be sure to check out the other images on EtchStar’s Flickr stream to see some of the other neat things they can do.

Well, the Apple world is all acquiver about the imminent release of the latest version of Mac OsX, codenamed Leopard. And I have to admit that I am keeping an eye on my delivery tracker to see when my copy arrives. I’m looking forward to the new features, which the Unofficial Apple Weblog is logging here.

And this is probably take two in the epic “are you a big geek” test. I love upgrading things. I eagerly look forward to the next update of NeoOffice and Mozilla and Movable Type, even though I should be happy that these programs are doing what they are supposed to be doing. It’s not a rational response from me, but I’m always looking forward to adding some new car smell to my applications, and I get bored otherwise.

But in the meantime, I also managed to upgrade the RAM on my laptop at a very good price (installing it myself — am I a big geek, take three), and the improvements are marked. Especially in terms of switching between programs like Firefox and NeoOffice.

I love NeoOffice to bits but, clearly, the memory management could do with a little work given that it operates sluggishly even with 1GB of RAM. Can you say bloat? Then again, with 2GB of RAM, one can see and appreciate what it has to offer.

Just How Greasy Are Those Fries?

Watch this video and I promise you that you’ll never eat another McDonald’s french fry again.

Well, maybe not.

Okay, probably not. But watch the video nonetheless:

Hat tip to A Peek Inside the Fish Bowl.

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