Quick Hits -- October 29

Apple Publishes Advert by Student

So Apple has gained some buzz by running an advert for its new iTouch supposedly created by a high school student using (I assume) Apple’s own products. It’s quite slick:

(Hat tip to the Thicket)

Personally, I think it’s a shame that Apple wasn’t able or willing to negotiate the rights to make take this amateur advert and publish it professionally:

Beijing Notices Canada

At last.

The Chinese government has warned that Canada could damage its relations with China if Prime Minister Stephen Harper goes ahead with his plan to meet the Dalai Lama Monday.


Oh, really? Well, I guess you won’t be wanting all that Albertan oil just sitting there in the tarsands. Good luck shopping around.

I hear India could do with a barrel or two. And we can sell to them without selling our soul.

World’s Oldest Animal Killed By Scientists Trying to Find out How Old it is

Way to go, guys.

House Rises Again

May I just say I’m really enjoying how the fourth season of House is going, so far? The whole reality-show elimination schtick is being played to the hilt, and I’m genuinely rooting for some of the participants. Hugh Laurie is well in his element, and we still manage to get some interesting airtime for the original ducklings (though Cameron and Chase are underused enough that I wonder if they won’t be leaving at some point and all of this just represents a soft landing; Foreman, on the other hand, seems interestingly placed to become a true antagonist to House).

It’s been a wonderful shakeup that has refreshed a show that I thought was getting a little bit stale by the end of season three. And to think that some people were wondering if this format would be getting old by season one. Kudos to the writing crew of taking the bold steps here to keep viewers interested.

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