What's on Your iPod?


A meme shamelessly filched from Cut the Chatter, Red Two:

Open up iTunes, if you have it (if not, improvise), and answer the following questions:

How many total songs?
3006 songs — 8 days, 1 hour, 14 minutes and 10 seconds running time — 12.67 Gb (which means roughly 60Gb free space on my iPod)

Sort by song title - first and last
A’ Chuthag (The Cuckoo), Natalie McMaster, My Roots are Showing
1822!, The Beatles, Live at the BBC (Disc 2)

Sort by time - shortest and longest

I have seven tracks under ten seconds which are either Beatles or Glen Miller or Keri Leigh introducing their next song, which in shuffle mode, can produce some hilarious moments. The first actual song, at eleven seconds, is Here Come the ABCs from They Might be Giants’ Here Come the ABCs, the lyrics of which are: “They Might be Giants! Here Come the A.B.Cs!”. Thanks to Wayne and Marguerite for the gift of this album and my personal introduction to the offbeat Giants.

As for the longest, there is a 34 minute, 13 second track of reading the first two chapters of Fathom Five, which I recorded for the official book website. Second longest is an unnamed Bach cello concerto played by YoYo Ma clocking in at 29 minutes, 28 seconds. We then have a few more vocal tracks, before we’re back in business with Pink Floyd’s Shine on you Crazy Dragon, Part 1 from Wish You Were Here, clocking in at 13 minutes, 40 seconds.

Sort by Album - first and last
Abbey Road, The Beatles
1200 Curfews, The Indigo Girls

Sort by Artist - first and last

A-Ha (a single song, The Blue Sky, from Hunting High and Low, which we borrowed from Marguerite’s “Surviving the Thesis” mix. The first group with a complete album is by ABBA (ABBA Gold)

The Young Dubliners (again, a single song, The Foggy Dew, from Breathe. The first complete album is by YoYo Ma (Simply Baroque)

Top five played songs:

This has been reset several times and is complicated by the fact that it helps Erin to sleep when I read to her, and so we’ve come up with the approach of recording my voice reading (a number of books) and we play this every night. Based on this past month, the top five songs are:

  1. Yo George, Tori Amos (American Doll Posse)
  2. Big Wheel, Tori Amos (American Doll Posse)
  3. Bouncing off Clouds, Tori Amos (American Doll Posse)
  4. Fat St, Tori Amos (American Doll Posse**)
  5. Girl Disappearing, Tori Amos (American Doll Posse)

Find the following words. How many songs show up?
Sex: 3
Death: 2
Love: 174
You: 302
Home: 39
Boy: 113
Girl: 117

First five songs that come up on Party Shuffle

  1. Don’t I Know, Sinead Lohan (No Mermaid)
  2. Hat and Feet, Fountains of Wayne (Utopia Parkway)
  3. Johnny B Goode, The Beatles (Live at the BBC)
  4. What Makes the Irish Heart Beat, Van Morrison (Down the Road)
  5. Hey Jupiter, Tori Amos (Boys For Pele)

And now, all that remains is to tag. I tag:

  1. Andrew Gurudata (who I’m betting has a lot of Beatles tunes)
  2. R.J. Anderson
  3. Dave at Blogography (who I know has an iPod)
  4. Raphael Alexander
  5. Dr. Dawg (to give you a little break and to get you to talk about music)
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