Well, That Didn't Go As Well As Planned

Blogging has been slow for a number of reasons, the biggest one being that I’m thick in the process of copying files over from my old Macbook hard drive to my new Macbook hard drive. It’s looking good, and I’m frankly enjoying the fact that I now have over 175 Gb of free space, but it was hairy for a little while, thanks in no small part to some bad assumptions on my part, and some poor instructions on the part of the supplier of the drive. What should have been a routine disk copy from one drive to another is now a marathon of “oh, do I need this? Oh, do I need this? Oh!”

Oh, well. I’ll tell you all about it later.

I wanted to mention that the first round of voting for the 2007 Canadian Blog Awards is complete and the second round finalists have been announced. I managed to make the cut on Best Non-Partisan Blog and the results for the other categories have been quite interesting indeed. There are going to be some good fights.

I’ll be posting my annual review of the finalists shortly. Until then, voting is now on for round two. Get voting now, or wait until my review; it’s your choice.

And congratulations to Scott Tribe for getting Green Party leader Elizabeth May to guest blog on his blog about the perplexing Linda Keen/Gary Lunn affair. Go on over and read what she has to say. Good work, Sean. Now we need to get Stephane Dion posting on Jason Cherniak’s site and Stephen Harper himself over on Stephen Taylor’s site.

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