The Return of the Happiness Dance (The Dundurn Group Accepts The Young City)


Why, it seems like only yesterday that I got news that my first ever book would be published. Today, I learned that I am now the proud father of a trilogy. The third and final (so far) book in the Unwritten Books series will be part of Dundurn’s Fall/Winter 2008-9 season.

Here’s the official e-mail:

From: “Barry Jowett”
To: “James Bow”
Subject: The Young City
Date: Fri, Jan 25 2008 11:44:13 AM GMT-05:00

Hi James,

At long last, we’ve given the go-ahead to The Young City and would like to publish it in the Fall/Winter 2008-09 season! I’m looking forward to it — I think it’s going to be a strong part of a strong Boardwalk list.

I’ll work on the contract in the next week or two and get that out to you. In the meantime, I need to prepare for a concept meeting next week and am hoping to have an initial run at the catalogue copy for that meeting. Would you be able to provide about 150-200 words about the book that we can use as the basis for the copy? Also, if you’d like to modify your author bio, let me know and we can incorporate any changes in the bio in the catalogue. (Or if you’re fine with what was used on your last book, we can go with that.)

Well, I’ll get right onto that. You’ll probably be seeing it here pretty shortly.

In other news, here’s a funny and useful site for those looking to raise a baby (hat tip to Colleen and Andrew).

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