Heading to the OLA Super Conference

I’m typing this on a train, making use of VIA Rail’s on-board wifi service as I head into Toronto to attend the Ontario Library Association Super Conference. The decision to go by train was a little last minute, but I’m glad I’m here, despite the early hours of the day. The University of Waterloo is having a snow day today, and while the roads are still fairly clear, it doesn’t look like they’re going to stay that way, and getting home on the 401 would have been a chore.

I’m here as part of CANSCAIP’s presentation of authors. I’m also blogging this on the OLA Super Conference’s website The organization of Canadian children’s authors, illustrators and performers has kindly selected a bunch of CANSCAIP authors who produced books in 2007 and given them a stage and five minutes each to talk about their book and why you might be interested in getting one for your library. Interest was so intense this year that CANSCAIP had to put names in a hat and draw out their selection at random.

This is a wonderful opportunity for all the authors, especially those from smaller presses that have to fight for attention among the bigger players, and there is going to be a lot of talent on stage.

So, if you happen to be at the Super Conference, come on out. The presentation is taking place at the Expo Theatre at the base of the 100 aisle on the Expo floor. It starts at noon and continues until about 1:40, after which authors will be on hand to autograph copies of their books. There is also a draw at the end of the presentation — a collection of the books being promoted on stage.

I’m looking forward to the conference. I enjoyed it last year, and I always enjoy Book Expo. There’s something about these conferences, like a critical mass of fun and knowledge, that just explodes on you. It reminds me that I’m lucky enough to work at this for a living and that, more importantly, I’m not alone in doing it.

I also hope to have a few spare minutes to sit down and write, a bit on The Dream King’s Daughter and a bit on a new project that needs to be done by February 18 (more on this later). And assuming that the City hasn’t called out the Army (though the last big storm was a bit of a feather in mayor David Miller’s cap — he got through it without armed personnel; Lastman didn’t), I hope to meet with my editor at Dundurn to talk a bit about The Young City, catalogue copy, and edits before this story goes to print.

More updates as I get them.

Non-Partisan Blog Award Announced

I should mention that the Canadian Blog Awards are announcing the category winners over the next week or so. This makes for an agonizing wait, but it’s well worth it. Kudos, guys and gals, for recording video announcements for each of the categories. Truly, you’ve taken this to a new level.

The award for Best Non-Partisan Blog was announced last night and I’m pleased to report that I came in second. I would have liked to be first, but it’s still an honour, and there’s no dishonour in losing to Nunc Scio. Congratulations to all the winners and all the finalists, and what a good time we had!

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