Quick Hits -- February 11


Did you know that Niagara Falls had an “arc de triomphe” depicting Canada’s history and the rebellion of William Lyon Mackenzie?

Did you know that it was torn down in 1967 as a “traffic hazard”?

Did you know that pieces of it were discovered a few years later at a scrap yard by a Toronto reporter and the Toronto Historical Board campaigned to have the pieces bought up? They now reside near the St. Lawrence Market and at Mackenzie House on Bond Street?

No? Then read this wonderfully written history piece over at Spacing Wire. I especially love the comment from the resident of Niagara Falls who saw the pictures of the Arc in Niagara Falls and who didn’t know what had happened to it… until now. This is blogging at its very best.

Real Life Blogs Humble the Canadian Political Blogosphere

And speaking of Best Blogs, be sure to check out the surprising results of the 2007 Best Canadian Blog Award. The Yarn Harlot bested such giants as Raymi and Mike’s Bloggity Blog Blob. Daveberta.ca and Small Dead Animals took fourth and fifth respectively. Which just goes to show: there is life outside of politics. Perhaps we political bloggers need to get one.

…or not. :-) What we have is just too much fun, methinks.

Interesting Facts About the U.S. Primaries

  • In many states, including Kansas, where it seems that Republicans typically outnumber Democrats 10-1, the second place Democratic finisher, Hillary Clinton or Barack Obama, typically takes as many, if not more votes, than the winning Republican candidate.
  • In Washington State, where Clinton received just 10,000 votes to Obama’s 21,000, Clinton still managed to receive more votes McCain, Huckabee and Paul combined.
  • Intriguingly, in Washington State, 363 Democrats decided to vote “uncommitted”, compared to 1,729 Republicans. Are Republicans less enamoured of their field than Democrats are?. Although, in Alabama, the number of uncommitted Democrats outnumbered uncommitted Republicans 2-to-1, so make of that what you will.
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