Quick Hits -- Valentine's Day Edition

I have a correction to make. In this post, I said that South Dakota (along with Montana) held the last American primary before the presidential election. That’s not accurate. After June 3rd comes the Puerto Rico primary on June 7th. Intriguingly CNN does not list this primary on their calendar of events.

I have to say: talk about sabotaging your aspirations, eh? Not only do you get ignored for not being a state, you’ve done everything to ensure that you vote on a date when the results don’t matter.

And yet, Puerto Rico has 63 delegates to offer the Democratic National Convention. At the very least, they should move their primary date up to one of the Super Tuesdays. After all, Democrats Abroad started their primary on February 5th, so I don’t think anybody would mind.

But more generally, given the population of Puerto Rico and their uncertain status, it’s long past time for this island to name itself the 51st state and make some noise.

Good. Now Bring Me the Head of Ken!

Filched off of our local Freecycle mailing list:

A Barbie head on a make-up tray, oversize head with lots of hair. Good for little girls who like to play with hair, she can brush and brush to her heart’s content and use any accessories she likes.

Girls can also re-enact that classic Bible scene of delivering Barbie the Baptist’s head to Salome on a silver platter.

Everything is About to Change, Redux

And, last year on this date, I pointed to the video below on YouTube. Given my post yesterday, I thought that this deserved a re-airing. Blogs might not have changed much, but the Internet is changing everything.

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