Idiots on Parade

I can’t help myself. There is no other description that I can come up with for this post:

Hat tip to Matthew Good.

There is a Canadian comedian out there, who does a segment where he says, “I’m just back from Europe. Wonderful country.” This gets a few laughs, which he acknowledges. Then he says, “of course, in Texas, they don’t get that. They just agree with you.” I thought that was just satire. Until now.

Mind you, lest we get all snooty about ‘those stoopid Americans’, here’s a little gem from France:

Indeed, I cannot help but wonder if some of these gameshows interview these people for the purpose of seeing how effectively they can humiliate themselves on prime time television. It’s worth noting that these two individuals have gained more lasting fame than that guy who won more than thirty straight games of Jeopardy. What’s his name?

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