Quick Hits -- February 21


Immediately after this photograph was taken, without turning his head, McGuinty muttered, “one, two, three, four, I challenge you to a thumb war!”

Both leaders ended up dislocating their thumbs.

Anyway, yesterday Toronto Star headline says “PM risks Ontario’s wrath: McGuinty”.

And my reaction is, “Aw, did he have to say it like that?”

The truth is, Ontario could use some help, just like the rest of the country, in meeting the municipal infrastructure deficit, and Harper would be wise to address this, both for his own political future and the long-term prosperity of Canada, if nothing else. But when McGuinty is quoted in this manner, it makes it very hard for Harper to respond. Any sort of concession becomes a surrender, and there’s a great incentive for Harper to stand firm and say ‘no’.

Which serves nobody very well.

Now, it’s worth noting that McGuinty didn’t actually say those words. As is usually the case, his interview was far more moderate, citing ideological differences, and the overheating of Alberta’s economy while the rest of the nation shivers a bit in the cold. Rather, the words are the fault of the Toronto Star, looking for a snappy headline to go on the front page. But, still, doesn’t anybody think of the repercussions of what they write when they write it?

Fallout from the Cheese State

With Obama’s winning streak now at ten in a row, after his victories in Wisconsin and Hawaii, the stage is set for the great March 4th showdown between Obama and Cllinton in Ohio and Texas. Polls indicate a neck and neck race in both states.

A few points about the Wisconsin primary that are worth noting: one third of Wisconsin’s registered voters participated in the primary, on the Democratic side. The 403,000 Republican voters were just gravy.

That’s got to be record turnout in that state. For a primary?! Unheard of. Indeed, the number of votes that Hillary Clinton received in her second-place finish in this state exceeded the number of voters received by the entire Republican ticket, combined.

If Obama doesn’t end up winning the nomination, the Democrats would be suicidal fools if they didn’t find some way to accommodate the man. But I am more convinced than ever that he is the best man for the job, and I’m keeping my fingers crossed that Clinton will eventually concede.

On with Obama-mania!

Meanwhile, in the Evergreen State

The results of the Republican Washington primaries are interesting. Mitt Romney, a man who suspended his campaign and recently endorsed McCain as the party’s nominee received 20% of the vote. This suggests considerable dissatisfaction among Republicans for McCain, but it also suggests dissatisfaction for Huckabee, since he was only able to pull 22% of the vote. These are numbers that should have Democrats smiling.


Check out Scott Tribe’s piece covering the strange goings on at the Ontario Young Liberals AGM in Hamilton, including possibly buying votes and encouraging rampant drinking among young people. A certain organization could use a bit of a shake-up, I think.

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