Being Partisan Means Never Having to Say You're Sorry

In my last post, I said that the Conservatives got to crow about their victory in northern Saskatchewan this past Monday. And crow they did. Unfortunately, they were not content to say that the better man won, or that the Liberals failed to electrify the voters of northern Saskatchewan, or even “hey! We won! Neener! Neener! Neener!”.

No. They had to demonstrate how they were inherently better than the Liberals, by suggesting that the Liberals shot themselves in the foot by parachuting a candidate into the riding, denying David Orchard a chance to compete for the candidacy.

Which is a fine and fair point. But when you make it, especially when you get on your high horse about “Dion’s choice to circumvent local democracy”, you might want to look at the other ridings holding by-elections on that date. It doesn’t take much more than a good memory from somebody paying attention to note that, in Toronto Centre, the Conservatives canned their own candidate, circumventing local democracy, to impose someone else, who eventually got their clocks cleaned.

Clearly, when the Conservatives lecture Dion about the foibles of circumventing local democracy, they’re speaking from experience.

Hat tip to Stageleft.

Resistence is Futile

Look, I have to say this: I like Jason Cherniak. I’ve done work for Jason Cherniak. This is a disturbingly good Photoshop of Jason Cherniak.

Mind you, I suspect Jason also got a chuckle out of it. Which is why I like him.

The Irresponsibility of Reading Lips

Toronto, it seems, isn’t the only jurisdiction where a promise to freeze taxes contributed to drains in the municipality’s financial reserves. Dr. Dawg notes that the process appears to have been accelerated in Ottawa. Mayor Larry O’Brien campaigned on a promise of a “0% tax hike”, but could only achieve that by dipping into reserves set aside to fight unexpectedly heavy snowfalls.

Now that the city is close to passing its all-time record for a winter accumulation of snow, O’Brien is demanding residents pay a $50 snow tax to cover the unexpectedly high snow clearing costs that those reserves were supposed to pay for.

I feel for you, Ottawa. The mistakes that Mel Lastman made took years to really come to the fore, even though we had to call in the army to clear some big storms ourselves, and they were balanced off by the fact that the man fought hard for the city and won some financial concessions from the province. It looks like your mayor really didn’t know what he was in for when he campaigned for the job.

Student Newspaper Profiles Accused Counterfeiter

Here’s an impressive article that deserves wider circulation. The recent cracking of the counterfeit ring that cost the Toronto Transit Commission up to $10 million in lost fares and forced them to abandon tokens that had been in circulation since the subway opened, has generally been a faceless affair. All I had were images of secretive mafia types doing whatever it is they do behind the scenes.

But the Eyeopener, the student newspaper for Ryerson University, puts a face on the counterfeit ring, and reveals a smart, promising individual who unfortunately made stupid decisions in his life and paid for them. The profile is a fascinating, if depressing, read, of unfulfilled potential, and the banality of crime.

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