Another Sign that the Human Race Might Be
Too Stupid to Live - Part II

I give you: Diamond Shreddies

Hat tip to Cameron Dixon.

In Other News

Suddenly I'm feeling a lot less guilty about ordering at Starbucks:

A Tim Hortons employee fired Wednesday for giving a free Timbit to the child of a regular customer has been rehired.

Nicole Lilliman, 27, a single mother of four in London, Ont., was reinstated Thursday after intervention by the chain's head office.

In a terse press release, the company blamed an overzealous manager for the firing, which threatened to become a public relations nightmare as the story gained traction in the media Thursday.

(link) (Hat tip to Warren Kinsella)

And Finally... Fudd Season!!

After Lulu had been adding classic Saturday morning cartoons to Canadian Cynic, I'd been looking for the classic episode where Daffy and Bugs fought each other to try and stay out of Elmer Fudd's aim. I hadn't seen this episode in years -- it must have been taken out of the rotation from the endlessly rerun Looney Toons on Global because it was too violent -- but I remembered the classic exchange: "Rabbit Season!" "Duck Season!" "Rabbit Season!" "Elmer Season!"

Well, I found the episode, and as is often the case with these classic cartoons, there are elements here that went over my head as a child. Watching them now, they blew me away a little (no pun intended). Watch and see:

What I find especially interesting about this segment is how the episode turns on the revelation that Elmer Fudd is a vegetarian, and that he only hunts for sport. This after Bugs and Daffy were busy trying to encourage Elmer to target the other by reading the books, "1000 Ways to Cook Rabbit/Duck". Elmer's statement clearly outrages Daffy and Bugs, who until this point, hadn't questioned Elmer's right to kill something. Indeed, from this point on, Bugs and Daffy start working together and turn the tables on Elmer. It's worth noting that rabbits and ducks are vegetarians as well.

I'm not quite sure what this says about the ethics of Bugs and Daffy, but it says something, I'm sure.

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