Quick Hits -- May 29

So, Nepal is now a republic, thanks in large part to the king’s disastrous attempt to seize absolute power in 2005 to try and crush insurgents.

The decision today was democratically based, and the new government seems to have the support of the people. Long may that continue. But the group with the largest block of seats in the Nepalese parliament are Maoists. I assume they’ve laid down their arms, but I think it’s worth watching the country to ensure that freedoms aren’t eroded.

I couldn’t help but raise my eyes at this passage in the newspaper report:

While the Maoists say they are committed capitalists and have no intention of nationalizing industries or setting up collective farms…

Hmm… So, if these guys were really committed capitalists, why are they still called Maoists? Any takers?

(Hat tip John Murney)

Puerto Rico Finally Gets its Due

Now, normally, I wouldn’t be posting a political ad such as this (political ads are typically boring!). But I still think this is cool on a number of levels: 1) this ad should do Obama some good with Hispanic voters in general (I still think Richardson would be his best choice for VP) and 2) this could well be the first time in living memory that the votes of Puerto Ricans are actively being courted. And I’m sure they’re enjoying the feeling.

The island has a fair chunk of population here. When is it finally going to be granted statehood? Huh?

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