Apple is the Future

Silence in the Library Keyboard

It was a blink-and-you’ll-miss-it moment, but I caught it, and so did a fair chunk of the Apple community, it seems.

In the recent Doctor Who episode, Silence in the Library, the Doctor tries to access the Library’s information systems, and the camera glances quickly at the console’s keyboard. Heh. It looked familiar.

Scattered across the Library are numerous Apple keyboards, as seen above. They don’t look too shabby for being over 3000 years old.

How do you know that Doctor Who is cool? A cool community rejoices when you use their cool stuff.

2,300 Snapshots

Check out this neat YouTube video I stumbled upon, where a man takes a snapshot of himself every day for six years, and strings them together.

What I find especially interesting about this video is not the man’s face and his lengthening and shortening hair, but the surroundings, which change periodically as the guy’s life develops.

And, in a related video: nine months of gestation in twenty seconds.

The Unwritten Girl Passes Milestone

I’m pleased to say that I got some unexpected good news in the mail. It seems that The Unwritten Girl has passed a bit of a milestone. Just two years after its release, enough copies of the book have sold that covers the publisher’s advance, and I actually received my first ever royalty cheque.

It is good to know that my book has been getting out to readers, and that my publisher has made back its investment in me. Every new book sale from this point on is now gravy. Cool!

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