Bouncing off Clouds (This is a fan video?!)

Maybe I should pay more attention to some of my favourite musicians, such as Tori Amos, Jorane and Kate Bush. That way, Tori Amos couldn’t have a new album out for six months before I twig onto it. And I wouldn’t have heard about this ingenious thing she did to spark fan interest.

Tori and her music company recorded images of her singing songs from her latest album, American Doll Posse, in front of a green screen background, and released those images to the fan base. The mission of the fan base, if they chose to accept it, was to make use of those green screens and any other trickery they could, to produce their own music videos.

I’m sure there were great prizes. This one below won the grand prize for “Bouncing Off Clouds”, a favourite Tori song of mine, and one which has a prominent place in the soundtrack for The Dream King’s Daughter. Watch it: it’s simply brilliant.

The Geeks of the World Unite!

Check out this video (hat tip to Cult of Mac). The smartmouth reporter strikes me as that cool jock that used to snap the towel at nerds back in high school, or the mundane who doesn’t get science fiction fandom. Nice to see the geeks get one back on him, though.

Finally, I’ve seen the infamous video of John McCain blindsided by a question regarding the continued funding of Viagra by medical insurance companies, alongside his record of voting against requiring these companies to insure birth control.

I have only this to say: the last thing you probably want a 71-year-old candidate for the presidency to say are the three words “I. Don’t. Remember.”

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