Eleanor Grace Isabella's Baptism

Nora in her Baptism Dress

Say hello to the newest Christian in our family!

Our baby Nora’s big day started yesterday when grandpa Michael and grandma Rosemarie came over to Lincoln to stay overnight for the baptism tomorrow morning. We had been preparing for the party afterward. I cooked my pulled pork and we got in loads of supplies for the expected onslaught of the O’Connor clan.

The baptism took place at the Sacred Heart Parish Church in North Omaha. This liberal Catholic church welcomed us with open arms and we attended a mass in a wonderfully decorated church that was full to capacity, and had no air conditioning. Incidentally, it was 100’F outside. Fortunately, they were handing out water to the congregation. But we managed to handle the heat, even Nora.

After the mass cleared out, the family remained behind about twenty people watched us as Erin and I as well as godparents Shannon O’Connor and Donna Heide took our vows. Nora was anointed with oil and then watered. The priest was slightly deaf, however, and constantly referred to Nora as Isabella, despite our attempts to correct him. Oh, well. Something has to go wrong at these things, it’s sort of a tradition. I guess we’ll unofficially tack “Isabella” to the end of Nora’s name. The paperwork is correct, though.

After the baptism, it was back to Lincoln for the party, where we ate well and enjoyed each other’s company. It was a small affair, but energetic as only O’Connor/Noteboom gatherings can be. It’s a shame that we weren’t able to include my family in this gathering, but we’ll show off Nora as often as we can when we return to Canada, and I promised my parents lots of pictures. Here’s a small set; more are on other people’s digital cameras, and they’ll be added as soon as they are downloaded.

(Update): I would be remiss if I did not mention the clothes that Nora wore for the event. The dress is the same dress that Vivian was baptized in: a 90 year old white gown that has baptized at least four generations of O’Connor children. A week from now, it will baptize Erin’s cousin Nicole’s first child, so the tradition continues, though we’re starting to wonder how long the dress will.

And my parents will be glad to know that the booties that I wore to my baptism managed to fit Nora, barely. She wore them for the service.

Sacred Heart Parish

Sacred Heart Parish. The church is actually in a pretty depressed part of town, but if anything that seemed to give it a lot of energy. The Parish is deeply involved in social issues and has a strong support from a proud local community.

Gathering Around the Font

Gathering around the font

Vivian Watches Nora Get Baptised

Vivian watches Nora being baptised.

The Great Grandparents Pose

The great grandparents pose with Nora and parents.

Godfather Shannon

Godfather Shannon cuddles Nora.

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