The Bow. James Bow 2008 Election Pool: Phase Two Begins


Things have gotten a bit busy here, so I hope to have my meme post up tomorrow. In the meantime I have to announce that, with the closing comments of the second federal leaders’ debate, the first phase of the Bow James Bow Election Pool is now closed. Those of you who made their first round predictions may now take this opportunity to assess how the campaigns have gone, and decide whether to adjust your predictions (leaving new predictions in the comments section of this post), or telling me to “let it ride!”

And, again, if you haven’t participated in round one of this pool, you can still participate. Latecomers only have to deal with a 100 point handicap to offset the advantage they have of predicting so close to the outcome.

Just a reminder to, if possible, use the same identifier and e-mail address when making your predictions here in round two, as it makes it much easier for me to connect your comment to your round one prediction.

And, once again, you are playing for copies of my upcoming young adult fantasy novel, The Young City, which is scheduled for release this coming January. Six people will be winning a prize — the five with the best overall score, and one who made the closest single prediction. If anybody has any prizes that they’d like to donate (books and things), please don’t hesitate to e-mail me.

In answer to some people’s questions, I didn’t watch the debates last night, either the Canadian or the American one. Too busy and too tired from having to get Vivian and Nora to bed. However, after reading the commentary of Calgary Grit, Greg Staples and POGGE’s Kevin Brennan. The consensus seems to be that Harper won by not losing, but Layton did well, and May can bat in the big leagues. Indeed, Yappa Ding Ding suggests that May may be well suited for getting under Harper’s skin.

Well, we’ll see. Nothing appears to have occurred to shake my already muddled voting intensions. I may make my decision — once again — as I enter the ballot box.

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