Quick Hits -- October 8

Odd little headline from the CBC:

Fall from chopper killed moose: DNR

Hmm… It’s amazing how often falls from helicopters tend to be fatal. Especially for moose. I can just picture the Department of Natural Resources’ investigation now.

“So… that moose.”


“That moose is dead.”


“That moose fell from a chopper and now he’s dead.”


“Know what I think?”


“I think the fall was what killed him.”



Yes, I know this is the CBC headline writers’ fault more than anyone else, but I still can’t help laughing. I mean, even if they didn’t see the moose fall from a chopper. Even if nobody found a chopper showing up at its destination with one moose on its freight manifest and no moose in its net, you think the fact that it fell from a great height might be clear from the crater it leaves behind.

A Question for the Atheist Conservative

Loreweaver, you were among a number of principled Conservative party supporters who spoke out against the government’s flawed copyright legislation, bill C-61. That bill has, thankfully, died on the order paper with Stephen Harper’s decision to call an election.

However, according to Michael Geist, it appears as though the newly released Conservative platform calls upon a Conservative government to re-introduce Bill C-61 without substantive changes. As you have had a number of problems with this bill, I have to ask, does this promise make you less happy about voting Conservative in this election? If the Conservatives win a majority mandate, do you have confidence in your party to listen to your objections and remove the significantly flawed elements of this bill?

Just wondering.

And Now For Something Completely Different…

I give you… a very literal A-Ha video:

(Give it a minute. You’ll like it; trust me)

Hat tip to R.J. Anderson.

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