The Trilogy Completes: The Young City Arrives

Holding the Trilogy

I should be getting to be an old hand at opening a box containing the first copies of my new book, but I’m not. When I heard from Dundurn’s twitter that copies of The Young City had arrived from the printer, I eagerly awaited the arrival of the delivery truck and, sure enough, I wasn’t disappointed. The package arrived today.

The Young City is an attractive complement to the Unwritten Books sequence, with an excellent cover design in keeping with the rest of the series. It’s a nice thick book — my longest yet at around 50,000 words — and I look forward to seeing it in the wild. You should expect copies to appear at your local Chapters or Indigo in the next couple of weeks and, if you ordered copies through Amazon, these should also be arriving soon.

We’re holding off on the official launch of the book until January, however, because nothing is going to get through the chatter of the Christmas season. Besides, January has the advantage of launching the book on the first month of the City of Toronto’s 175th anniversary, not to mention the 125th anniversary of women receiving the right to vote in the city, both of which connect nicely with the book’s subject matter.

Anyway, be sure to check the official website for more details as they appear. I’ve got to get to work on a few extras, including a book excerpt, and perhaps an audio reading of the first chapter.

Here are a few more photographs of the unboxing.


Unboxing the books.

Holding Up Copy

Holding up a copy for the camera.


Michael had, just by coincidence, decided to buy cake today, so we took the opportunity to celebrate the arrival of The Young City with cake!

Vivian helps

Vivian helped!

Oh, and as an affirmation of my geek cred, I like how Erin framed the model Dalek into the shot up top.

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