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Candace is one of the most principled conservatives I know. Note that I used a small-c here. She is passionate in her beliefs, and something of an Albertan nationalist, but she respects people who hold different opinions than her own. She follows through on her philosophy, changing her mind only when logical argument demands it, and she has little tolerance for hypocrisy.

Case in point, though she supports the Conservative party and is no fan of the coalition, she is furious at Harper for the partisan games that started this mess. She was outraged at the idea of proroguing parliament, and was only talked out of her anger by a fellow Conservative asking her to wait and see on what budget Harper brings forward. And, as for Harper’s decision to turn his back on reforming the Senate, hastily filling eighteen vacancies before Michael Ignatieff gets even a chance to, she calls him on it, and isn’t afraid to make fun of him on it.

Her semi-tongue-in-cheek solution to increase the legitimacy of those eighteen potential senate appointments? Have an election. No time? Run the election on the Internet. Heck, here are a bunch of candidates from the Internet who could fit the bill.

And she named me as a candidate:

OK, if Harper is going to appoint Senators, he needs them voted for somehow. May I suggest an internet election of appropriately-leaning bloggers?

since Alberta isn’t in need of any (having had our recent elected sorta Senator appointed a while back), I’m out of the running and so, sadly, is Olaf, as he would make a damn good Senator IMHO.

Chuckercanuck - Quebec
Sheena - Ontario (I think)
Riley - Newfoundland or New Brunswick? I forget, and I’m not sure if his blog is still up and come to think of it, isn’t he (or was he) Liberal? Hmmmm
James Bow - Ontario - nonpartisan, should make a good Senator and can continue to write while the elder statesmen nap, effectively “double dipping” in a very entrepreneurial kind of way
Chimera (may not be quite conservative enough, but desperate times etc etc etc)
Lance - Saskatchewan
The Mayor - because doesn’t “The Senator” just have a nicer ring? Ontario, I think
Darcy - even though he currently lives in Calgary, isn’t he originally from Saskatchewan?
Alice the Camel - forget gender diversity, just imagine some particularly long-winded Liberal Senator getting camel spit in the eye. Haven’t a clue from a location perspective, help me out in the comments if you know
Publius - he’d be awesome

If Candace is willing to open her field of candidates wider, I think this would be a great idea, and a lot of fun, to have an internet poll on who our next eighteen senators should be. And, I for one, would jump at this chance to serve the country in the dusty confines of the upper chamber. I, for one, would jump at the chance to raise my voice above the sober second thoughts of my fellow senators. I, for one, would be willing to make the sacrifice of living in Ottawa part of the year, listening to politicians speak. I, for one, am willing to stand, so I can sit. Vote for me, your non-partisan member of the senate chamber. After all, anybody who reads this blog knows that I’m no stranger to long, droning speeches.

(Update: Candace has started a poll. Click here to vote for me!)

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