The Lost Generation Isn't

I’m busy here, with some work assignments, cleaning the house, and trying to get The Night Girl into submittable shape, so blogging is going to be slow. In the meantime, here are a couple of neat things to have crossed my desk, starting with this piece of inspiration.

Cool video. Hat tip to Warren Kinsella for pointing it out.

Another neat video comes courtesy of On Coffee. It’s a remarkable music video that does excellent work with stop motion animation to tell its story. And it must have been an ordeal to shoot.

And I’m told that the National Film Board of Canada has kindly uploaded a number of their classic shorts onto YouTube, which you should definitely check out. Everybody remembers the classic take on the Cat Came Back, but this video below is one of my favourites. It tends not to be noticed, in my opinion, and I intend to fix that.

Thanks for the diversions, guys. Now back to work.

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