This is Why Road Work Takes So Long to Finish

Pavement Tic-tac-toe

Hat tip to On Coffee.

Where the Information Revolution is Going

Plenty of stuff to report on this blog, but not much time to report it, as things have been pretty busy here. My mother-in-law arrived this past Saturday, and Vivian had the stomach flu this Tuesday. These events aren’t connected, and we hope they stay that way, although the nurse at Telehealth said that there is a bug going around, it’s highly contagious, and we’ll probably all get it.

Rosemarie arrived on Saturday at Waterloo Regional International Airport aboard a Northwest Air plane with propellers. The airport was a much more civilized way to arrive in Canada than Pearson, largely because there appears to be only four flights a day into and out of the airport (three to Detroit via Northwest, one to Calgary via Westjet). It makes for cheap parking and a much more relaxed atmosphere at arrival, and I’m betting the Canada Customs jobs that are here go to people who are very high on the seniority list.

The cost of arriving at Kitchener rather than Toronto was an extra $50, but that’s less than what we’d pay to take Airways Transit to Pearson. Indeed, that might even be less than the gas and parking costs. When we fly next, we’re going to try to fly out of Waterloo Regional Airport, clearly.

Other than that, we’re engaging in some home renovations and trying to write. In the meantime, please have a look at this video below. Watching this video (hat tip to Runesmith), I believe I now have a good idea of where the iPod / iPhone / digital camera / netbook confluence is going to lead, and fortunately it’s cool.

The future may not have given us flying cars, but I’ll still feel as though I’m in the future if I wear one of these:

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