Rumours of my Death and All That

I admit to being a little bit vain. I often Google myself, which isn’t nearly as naughty as the phrase sounds. I have a fairly distinctive name, at least on the Internet, so it’s pretty easy to keep up with any mentions of my name on Google’s blog search. However, I’m not the only person to have my name. I am not, for instance, the forensic psychologist Dr. James Bow of Michigan. But he doesn’t seem to blog.

However, the drawback is still that when my namesakes get in the news, it still comes as a shock. And how much more of a shock can it be than to read one’s own obituary:

James Bow

EIGHTY EIGHT (Kentucky) — James Bow, 73, died Thursday morning, April 2, 2009, at his home.

His arrangements are incomplete, but are under the direction of A.F. Crow & Son Funeral Home.


Yes, I picked up very quickly that this wasn’t about me, but it was disconcerting nonetheless — especially considering that James Bow, 73, could eerily be a misprint for James Bow, 37, which I’ll be two weeks from Sunday.

Mind you, it could be worse. I recall stumbling upon a news story about how a James Bow from Leeds or somewhere was arrested for breaking and entering, but that record seems to have fallen out of Google’s clutches, at least.

The New K-9 Series Trailer

I had heard that some people at the BBC were doing another Doctor Who spinoff, this one centred around the character of K-9 (the Doctor’s robot dog). I hadn’t heard much, but I figured I’d give it it’s chance. After all, Torchwood and the Sarah Jane Adventures are taken seriously and have their fans. However, I’ll leave it to you to watch the trailer…

I’ll be blunt. This looks bad. This looks embarrassingly bad. This looks so bad… that it actually might be kind of good… watched among friends with a little bit of wine so we can all laugh at the bad bits. Among my favourite comments at YouTube (now disappeared): “A Sony Aibo and K-9 have a love-child and the result is as disturbing as you can imagine.”

Oh, well. At least we have the other series.

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