Stand By Me All Around the World

My friend Cameron writes:

Every so often I do feel good for humanity. It’ll pass eventually, but until then: watch this.

This is just one perfect feel-good video promoting a movie about making peace in the world through street musicians. Check it out and pass it on.

Playing For Change | Song Around The World “Stand By Me” from Concord Music Group on Vimeo.

Dan Brown Goes Back to Basics

I see that Dan Brown has a new book coming out this September. Entitled The Lost Symbol, I see that the author of the DaVinci Code has basically reduced his storytelling to its component parts. It’s a shame he didn’t go all the way. I mean, he could have entitled his book, The Lost Thing of Religious or Occult Significance.

Congratulations Rebecca!

This past Saturday, Erin, Nora and I went down to Stratford’s Fundamentals Books and Toys to attend the launch of R.J. Anderson’s Faery Rebels: Spell Hunter. It was a wonderful event at a wonderful store. Nora had a great time emptying the shelves and we had almost as good of a time restocking them again. There was an excellent turnout for Rebecca’s first book, especially considering the rain outside, and she signed copies and gave a brief reading.

I regret we weren’t able to attend the after reading party, but we had a good time, and I think the book (reviewed here) has been given a good launch. Congratulations once again to Rebecca. It looks to be the start of a successful writing career.

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