The Next Phase...

Carol's Fourth Birthday Party

A couple of weeks ago, Vivian attended her first fourth birthday party.

And I’m struck by the fact that a new phase is about to open in Vivian’s life. For the previous three birthdays, we’ve invited only family and friends of the family. Or, rather, friends of the parents, where we sat around, having tea and cake, and watched Vivian (or Nora) tear open their gifts, or smash their birthday cakes.

That’s not going to cut it for Vivian’s fourth birthday, is it?

No. Now that Vivian has spent a year in preschool, now that she’ll be going to Junior Kindergarten this coming September, Vivian has her own circle of friends, and we’re going to have to invite them to our gathering. With cake. And woe betide us if we leave any little kid out, or don’t provide suitable entertainment. Hmm…

Tick… tick… tick…

The party went well. The parents of Vivian’s friend Carol are clearly old hands at this stuff. They had a full itinerary planned, with crafts followed by games, and more play time before the opening of presents. I can only hope to be so prepared. They had ice cream cake with Arial iced in on top, and it’s amazing hearing how bloodthirsty the little kids can be when it comes to divvying up the mermaid.

“I want Arial’s head!” shouts one. On a silver platter, I suppose. “I want Arial’s eyes!” shouts another.

Well, we do have an ace in the hole, at least: Vivian’s “uncle” Dan. She loves him, and he is very much a kid at heart. He’ll know what to do to keep Vivian’s party hopping.

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