Thank You, Globe and Mail

I second Jim Calder’s motion:

Thank you, Globe & Mail (dot com), for not making Michael Jackson your top story.

Shame the paper version couldn’t do the same.

Also, I notice that, on the web site, this story is:

Abdelrazik boards plane in Sudan

A Canadian citizen accused by the United Nations of being linked to al Qaeda flew out of Sudan today after a court order ended his six-year exile in Khartoum, his lawyers said.

Abousfian Abdelrazik, born in Sudan, has spent the past year taking refuge in Canada’s embassy in Khartoum, fearing arrest over his suspected links to militants. The federal government had until recently refused to offer assistance or issue a passport to Mr. Abdelrazik, 46, who is on a UN no-fly list naming him as an al Qaeda associate.

But a Federal Court judge ruled on June 4 that Ottawa had to arrange Mr. Abdelrazik’s return, a decision seen as a blow to the Canadian government’s security policies. “It will be a huge relief when we get to Canada. I can’t rest until that happens,” said Mr. Abdelrazik’s lawyer Yavar Hameed, speaking in Khartoum before the plane left.

This is a question of priorities, and the Globe had the right ones, today. As much of a contribution that Michael Jackson had on pop culture in the eighties, the question of a citizen’s charter rights, and our government being forced by court order to respect them, ranks as far more important to my mind, and far more worthy of national attention.

And now for something completely different, we bring you other pop-culture references…

When Buffy Met Edward

Not much to add here. Rebellious Pixels uses clips from Buffy and Twilight to show what would really happen if Edward Cullen ever encountered the Slayer. Buffy fans rejoice:

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