Nora's First Haircut

Strangely enough, Nora needed her first haircut a lot sooner than Vivian needed hers. Fortunately, we were prepared. And, this being Vivian’s third visit to Cookie Cutters, she was an old hand at this. She happily had her hair done while Nora initially freaked out, and then calmed down while her messy locks were trimmed back. Of course, we were there with a camera to capture the pictures:

Mom!  Don't do this to me!

Mom! Don’t do this to me!

Who are YOU?

Who the heck are you?

Oh, no!   Don't touch my hair!

Not the hair! NOT THE HAIR!

Suck suck suck suck ...  It will all be okay if I suck!

Suck suck suck suck … It will all be okay if I suck!

There's my sister, smiling.  That's encouraging.

Hmm… My sister seems to be taking this well…

I'm going to make it, but I still blame you.

Okay. I’ll go through with this. But I won’t like it!

Nora is done!

What? Am I done already?

You can see the full Flickr set here.

In other news, it’s a funny coincidence that my friend Greg should mention saving up for the girls’ cars. Now that the grants have come through, and on the heels of Erin’s advance for Plain Kate, we’ve taken some steps towards dealing with the massive tax bill that’s heading our way come April. One of the first steps is saving up for Vivian and Nora’s education with a significant Registered Education Savings Plan (RESP). Since the government contributes 20% per year to a maximum of $500 per child, that’s a rate of return that’s not matched elsewhere. Thanks to the government for setting up such a sensible program to encourage parents to save for their children’s education early.

We’ve also started building our RRSPs again, and will likely max out our contributions this year. Thus we came away from our meeting with the Credit Union’s investment adviser feeling like competent savers.

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