Lollipop! Lollipop!

But what about blue?

So, how did Nora end up with two lollipops? Well, after Vivian had lunch with us at the Waveland Diner (an excellent place, by the way; great all day breakfasts. Ron Paul and Bill Richardson were two politicians who decided to stop in there back in January 2008), she asked for a lollipop, and I got her one in her favourite colour: pink.

Nora, of course, noticed that her sister had gotten something that looked interesting, and she wanted one too, so I dipped back in the lollipop jar. On a whim, I decided to get Nora a blue lollipop, just so she could be distinct from her sister.

But then Grandpa Michael happened to give Vivian a chocolate chip cookie, and Vivian, being unusually generous, gave her lollipop to Nora instead. Seeing the red and blue lollipops going from hand to mouth together, I just knew that I had to grab the camera.

I’m glad I did.

Red or blue? What's a girl to do?

Red or blue? Red or blue? Gee, what’s a girl to do?




Hmm… Red?

In other news, I look Vivian to the Iowa Museum of Science yesterday, in a daddy-daughter day out. And I must say that the building is possibly the best place ever! (I really have to get Vivian out to the Ontario Science Centre sometime; she’d love it) The place was perfectly designed for young and the young at heart. There was an activity area where you could dam up a running river and move generators around to see what arrangement generates the most power. Vivian really got into this, though she wanted to build bridges moreso than dams.

You could also build your own paper rockets and launch them. This photo below is an excellent antidote to the high heeled shoes picture of yesterday. This is Vivian having fun with science, and it bodes well for the future.

Vivian launches her rocket

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