In Honour of the Late, Great Freddy Mercury...

…I give you, the Muppet’s version of Bohemian Rhapsody.

Hat tip to John Gushue.

Lots happening here. Writing going well, kids keeping us busy, and Christmas preparations to plan. I hope to blog about something more substantial in a couple of days, and I hope you’ll be patient with me until then.

For an interesting (and well conducted) political debate, check out Stageleft’s blog post where he asks:

Human kind has solved virtually every other problem that it has faced in the last couple of hundred years with technology, so why then is that approach (for example.. strategic seeding the atmosphere with the same material that is issued from volcanoes when they erupt as large eruptions tend to block the sun and cool the planet) considered so off the table in the climate change issue.

I am fully aware that, at this point anyway, the technology to address climate change issues that will be (in my opinion and in some cases) significantly decremental does not yet exist - however that does not mean to say, in the interests of discussion or even reason, that they are not either somewhere in development or, with necessity being the mother of invention, possible.

Is it not a question worth considering?

Why? / Why Not?

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