Family Portraits

Nora's going to be left-handed

We spent the bulk of this weekend cleaning, or getting out to enjoy what I'd like to call early spring weather, but I won't so as not to jinx it. Today, we had our third Sunday of our new family tradition of making pizzas in our oven (with Wayne and Marguerite's pizza stone using Erin's from-scratch pizza dough), and then heading out to the Waterloo Recreational Complex for an evening family swim. The kids are really into both things, and coming home, it is so much easier getting them off to bed.

Still working on Icarus Down and other writing-related projects, so in the interim, here are more pictures of our cute kids.

Raising of the Fist

Vivian raises her fist high...



Rolling the Pizza Dough 2

Nora rolls her own dough. Also, note her new hairstyle!

Peering at Mommy's Hands

Peering at Mommy's hands.

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