Hairy Sex for Life!

Hairy Sex For Life!

Well, that title should get me some hits from some very “interesting” sources.

Anyway, coming back on the subway from our afternoon out doing taxes, Erin and I spotted this advertisement. The ad design itself cannot help but make you wonder about the connections, here. I mean, what’s going on? Is this combination hair specialist/sex clinic actually two businesses under one roof? Are both businesses in such a state that they have to share advertising space? Or is something about the treatments they offer… applicable to both of the medical services they advertise?


Doctor: Good news, sir! With our treatment, we can fix the problems associated with your dull libido. You will be back to satisfying your wife in no time!

Man: Wonderful!

Doctor: I should warn you, however, that there are some side effects.

Man: Side effects?

Doctor: Yes. Nothing serious, you understand. Just some random hair growth… …and not necessarily on your head, you understand. Also, you may develop a tendency to howl at a full moon.

Man: WHAT?!

(In the next room)

Doctor 2: Good news, sir! With our treatment, we can solve the problem of your male pattern baldness. There are, however, some side-effects.

Man 2: Side effects?

Doctor 2: Yes… Um… Do you like red meat, sir?

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