Easter Rainbow

Easter Rainbow 1

Happy Easter to my friends and other readers. We’ve been enjoying the holiday. The weather here has been fantastic, even if it’s been surprisingly warm. Yesterday, the weather was particularly interesting.

Late in the afternoon, the winds picked up dramatically, heralding big changes. There were no thunderstorms, however, as the cold front swept through. We got some light rain around sunset and, afterward, this beautiful rainbow. My mother-in-law Rosemarie spotted it and called us all out to see it — even Erin, who was in the bath at the time. She said that it was worth it, and she was right.

The camera doesn’t do justice to the double rainbow that we saw, but this was the best I could do.

In other news, we saw the first episode of Matt Smith’s Doctor Who and I have to say that while it wasn’t the blow-your-mind quality of The Empty Child, it was a lot of fun and, most importantly, it was cool. Or, as Erin said, it was cool with coolness sprinkles and just a touch of kick-ass sauce. Matt Smith grabs the roll of the Doctor and makes it his, Karen Gillan plays Amy Pond with aplomb, and Steven Moffat gets to play with a script that has sparkling dialogue, and nice twists with time travel. North Americans are in for a treat on the 17th.

It’s busy here with two active kids, so I’ll leave you with more rainbow photographs and another Happy Easter.

Easter Rainbow 2

The double rainbow rising up above our housing complex.

Easter Rainbow 3

Coming down the other side.

Easter Rainbow 4

The arch above the trees.

Easter Rainbow 5

The rainbow arch with the houses bathed in sunset light.

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