On Rule 34

While talking about Diana Gabaldon’s frustration over the existence of fan fiction — among other things, that fan authors write her characters into sundry sexual situations — I mentioned to Erin about “Rule 34 of the Internet”, to whit:

If it exists, there is porn of it.

Erin looked at me, and said, “European trade negotiations.”

I looked back at her, adopted a Russian accent and said, “we have booked two days for this conference and have settled all outstanding issues in twenty minutes… …and between us is this very large table.”

For major brain bleach, now port this to the upcoming G8/G20 summit…

On Ivory Coast’s Entry into the World Cup

Although the lack of cable and the presence of two toddlers has kept my viewing of the World Cup to a minimum, I’ve still been able to catch some of the hype, and I’m enjoying it.

I feel that the World Cup has been a positive experience for Toronto and also for Kitchener as fans everywhere have taken this as an opportunity to party hardy and well. And you really get a sense that Canadians everywhere are citizens of the world, what with all of the flags I’ve seen flying around on people’s cars during the event. I wish I could be in Toronto, especially Little Italy, or possibly Little Portugal, when one of those games are on, G20 summit or no.

We’ve also learned new things. For instance, Erin learnt that the people of the Ivory Coast are known as “Ivorians”. She was watching a game, and it took her a whole ten minutes to figure out what country the “Ivorians” were playing for. She finds it a strange thing to call individuals of such a country, until I told her that the alternative would be to call them “Ivory Coasters”, and that was not on.

On Writing

I’ve been struggling a little. Now that the first draft of Icarus Down is done, I’ve been feeling the post-partum depression that authors feel after finishing a project such as this. It’s been a bit of chore to find motivation to write, and that’s before having to deal with two toddlers. I fear this state of affairs will continue, until my mind disengages itself from this project and looks elsewhere. Until then, expect updates to be a little slow.

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