Random Ideas of Varying Quality.

  • At the end of October, the World Series champions should travel to Hawaii to play a best-of-seven match against the best team of that season’s Japan leagues, or possibly the Asia Series
  • In the proposed “stacked” hockey arena to be built in the Toronto Portlands, someone should plan a game that takes advantage of the full ice service. One team has their net at the eastern end of the upper arena, while the other team has their net at the western end of the lower arena. New skates devised to work on both ice and concrete, and the normal rules of hockey otherwise apply. One question though: where would centre ice be?
  • Caffeine-infused eggs and pancakes at Denny’s-like restaurant. For those who want an extra kick to their day’s coffee.

In other news, I took both kids to the Iowa Science Centre today, giving Erin and Rosemarie a well deserved break. We spent the second half of the morning and the first half of the afternoon there. Vivian loves it, and it really is a very good facility, capably mixing science-oriented static exhibits with hands-on activities of varying levels of educational experience for the kids to go wild on. Nora enjoyed herself as well. We built Lego race cars and paper rockets — one of which landed in what I call the Wall of Fame — the net at the end of the fifty-foot long shooting range, where you can test your paper rockets with bursts of compressed air.

We saw an IMAX movie on dolphins, which Vivian sat through easily (Nora fell asleep on my chest). I’d like to see the movie they’ve done on the Hubble, but I fear it might be too intense for the kids.

Yes, I’ve got to admit, the place is a joy for geeky daddies as well. We bought a membership, as I expect to go back again.

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