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It’s been busy here. A lot of things are going on. Many of them boring things that don’t bear reporting, such as laundry. Many more of them exciting, but which also don’t bear reporting, such as the ins and outs of kid wrangling. And some things worth reporting.

The Waterloo-Wellington Bloggers Association get-together went off without a hitch a week ago today. A few people turned up, but what we didn’t have in quantity, we certainly made up in quality, as we all sat and talked for two hours on a number of subjects, including aspects of social media, pedestrian and transit issues in Waterloo Region, and sparking a ‘none of the above’ revolution. I had a good time, and I’d like to thank everybody who came out. We’ll do this again sometime soon.

Also, on Tuesday, my parents took both kids and I to the Canadian National Exhibition, just as we’d done with Vivian the year before. This was Nora’s first time, and she loved the lot of it, especially the riding of the train to get to and from the event. Though we only stayed for about three hours, making use of just the Food Building and the Kiddie Midway, I think we got our money’s worth. Maybe a couple of years from now, we can actually look at more of the exhibits.

Anyway, I snapped a number of shots on my iPhone camera, and Erin posted them to Flickr. You can see the full set here.

Last, but not least, we are now four days away from the release of Erin’s Plain Kate. Erin’s very nervous about the whole thing, but I think we’ll be fine. She received a starred review in the Quill and Quire, and a lot of good publicity in the United States. And speaking of publicity, Erin has been encouraged to produce a daily video-log, counting down the days, and reading off small sections of the novel, all free on YouTube. Here’s the first one:

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