The Storms of September


I’ve been experimenting with my iPhone camera.

Okay, truth to tell, I find my new iPhone to be an addictive toy, and I look for any excuse to play with it, but that’s beside the point. The point is, the 5 megapixel camera is quite good, for a cellphone camera. Sure, the quality isn’t near what we can achieve with our Canon (which has the benefit of being, you know, an actual camera), but I can still capture pictures like the above, and not have to lug a phone and a camera in the same pocket.

One of the apps available for the iPhone is called “Pro HDR”, which automatically processes your pictures in such a way as to eliminate dark spots or bright fade-outs in your pictures. What it does is that it takes two pictures in rapid succession, each at different extremes of the light settings, and then it blends the two photographs together. No more bleached out skies. No more people in silhouette. What you do get is some ghosting, especially if your subject includes exuberant children, but sometimes that effect can be a feature more than a bug.

It’s been a bit of a lazy weekend here. Erin’s been recovering from her cold/ear infection, and this and the rain kept us indoors for most of the weekend, and unfortunately the kids made us pay for that by getting bored themselves and very loud about it. I’m looking forward to the start of school.

But today, the rain let off, and the temperatures stayed cool, and the kids went out to play. Here’s a selection of the photographs I took.


Dark clouds buzzed us Friday evening. This storm stayed well to the south of us, but it clearly promised a lot of wet for those unlucky to be in its path. The kids played on, unperturbed.


The clouds were kind enough to give us a rainbow, albeit briefly.


As I said, the kids were unperturbed by all this stormy weather…


Though they left soon after, thus missing the sunlight bouncing off the clouds.


On another day (earlier today), Nora sits on a rock and plays by herself, while watching the other kids.


Hi, Dad!

You can see more of our photographs, here

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