What Are You Doing?
Just Watching Some Guy Pull a Firetruck

See? Interesting things do happen in Kitchener’s Downtown.


Yesterday, Vivian was at school, and my father took care of Nora over the lunch hour. I went over to Erin’s office in the hopes of getting some writing done. But interesting things were happening outside our window.

King Street had been closed. A festival of some sort was going on. Mayor Carl Zehr was in attendance, and groups of people started pulling a firetruck, all to raise funds for the United Way.

Log this in the list of things you don’t see every day.

The strongman pulled the firetruck across the finish line in 35 seconds. Then ten accountants from KPMG lined up to beat his time.


Guess what: they did. In 25 seconds.

These photographs were snapped using my iPhone 4.

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