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Facing Fire, by KC Dyer

Hey readers and friends of James!

My name is Darby Christopher, and James has generously invited me to take over his blog today to talk about my new book. I’m one of James’s biggest fans, and I know he regularly splits his discussions here between politics and writing. So today, he gets to go do research on the stuff he loves, and I’ll hang out here to tell you something about myself.

I don’t write about politics as a rule — though I have been involved in a few cross-border issues, I must admit. But since the border I crossed was a floating one, and the crossing took place just prior to the War of 1812…well, you’ve probably figured out I seem to have acquired a little knack for time travel. And this month, I’m celebrating the release of my new book, FACING FIRE.

This book picks up the story of what happened after the magical summer that you may have read about in A WALK THROUGH A WINDOW.

I’m pretty happy with the new story. It answers a few questions that arose in the first book. And opens a few new windows…for those who like that sort of thing.

Anyway, if you’re interested, you can find out more about the book at www.kcdyer.com.

And just to say thanks, James Bow and I have decided to give out some prizes. If you comment on this post, your name goes into a draw to win a signed copy of the new book - FACING FIRE. And if you actually link to this post somewhere else (like in another blog, or facebook post or even a tweet) we’ll put your name in for the draw for BOTH of my books. So comment away!

By the way, if you’re into looking for prizes, check out my blog HERE at Darby Speaks. I have an AMAZING contest going with some totally fantastic prizes. If you like twitter, you can follow all the latest on the contest and the blog tour and launches @DarbySpeaks.

See you there!

Wait a minute — what’s that noise? Could it be the sound of Icarus Falling?

Thanks for having me, James!


(You’re welcome, Darby. Now, the rest of you, link away!)

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