The Unwritten Girl and The Young City Now Available as eBooks


File this under ‘writers are often the last to know’.

I just happened to be sorting through Indigo’s online catalogue this evening, when I suddenly discovered that new versions of my book were out. Both The Unwritten Girl and The Young City were recently released as eBooks, available for download not only for Indigo’s Kobo reader, but also Amazon’s Kindle and iPhone’s iBooks.

I downloaded samples of both books onto both Amazon’s Kindle reader and iBooks on my iPhone, and they look good. At $7.19 each, they’re very reasonably priced. So, if you’re looking to read my material but have held off because you don’t want to burden yourself with paper (one person has told me so), you no longer have that excuse.

Fathom Five does not yet appear to be available; I have no idea why that would be, but maybe that will be corrected shortly.

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