I am sick. I am pretty darn sick. And all things considered, it’s probably flu. I have swollen glands and discoloured sputum that alternates between cloudy to dark green.

It hit on Saturday, at the same time as it hit Erin. The kids have been fine. You can guess that this combination would have made for a new level of hell, but thank god for grandparents, who kindly stepped in and took Vivian and Nora out to breakfast and kept them at their place for a fair chunk of the day.

Erin’s basically recovered. I haven’t. Indeed, the illness got worse for me yesterday. And I suspect it might be because Erin got the flu shot and I didn’t. So, if you want an object lesson on the effectiveness of the flu shot, you can take it from me. It might not stop you from getting the flu, but it might make your body better able to fight the infection off.

Right now the thing is being kept under control by a lot of medication, and I’ve had very little energy to do much of anything. No writing. No housework. Definitely no blogging, and we’ll just have to see how long this continues.

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