Plain Kate Reviewed in the New York Times

This is a secret we’ve had for a little while, but it’s fantastic news: Erin’s Plain Kate has been reviewed in the New York Times Sunday Review of Books. Better yet, they liked it!

The plot unfolds with the swiftness and dramatic urgency of an adventure tale, yet each event has a measured gravity. Ambiguity and complexity shade the characterizations and the story line. Violence and harsh emotions are leavened by moments of tenderness and generosity; darkness is offset by mischievous, buoyant humor; and the tone flows smoothly and seamlessly from jaunty lyricism to striking melancholy. … An outstanding novel.

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The good news doesn’t stop there. Because the Toronto Star no longer writes its own reviews, they instead offer their readers a cut down version of the New York Times Sunday Review of Books, and Erin’s review was included. So that’s a fair amount of reach across not only the United States, but Canada as well. Quite a feather in the cap!

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