Dropping Everything and Going West

One advantage to having a car is flexibility. Case in point:

Yesterday, we learned that Vivian’s March Break program had been cancelled due to low turnout, so Erin and I were brainstorming what we could do the coming week to keep Vivian (and Nora!) entertained. More trips to Toronto to see the Science Centre? But then Erin blurted out, “we could go to Des Moines.”

It was, I think, an excellent idea. Grandpa Michael (who would be having his own Spring Break this week) and Grandma Rommey would love to see the kids; it would be a good pick-me-up. Better yet, the spring that appears so long in coming here in Kitchener looks set to arrive in Des Moines tomorrow. i was sold.

But we’d never up sticks and headed a thousand miles westward at the drop of a hat before. We spent Friday afternoon madly packing, arranging cat sitting for Gus (thanks to Grandpa Eric and Grandma Pat) and drove as far west as we could after dinner (we got as far as Battle Creek). Vivian was surprised, and excited, and she and Nora handled the trip down like the troopers they were. The border crossing was pretty painless.

The drive today was also pretty easy. The roads were dry and the traffic was pretty fast through Chicago. The girls got into Des Moines around 8, tired and ready for bed, but in good spirits. As we passed from Indiana into Illinois, Nora wondered aloud where all the snow had gone. I’m wondering that myself too. It seems we passed winter’s southwestern boundary several hundred miles back.

So this is where I will be until this coming Saturday when we start back.

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