Update: Still Time to Participate in the Fourth Bow James Bow Election Pool


There is still time to participate in the first round of the Bow. James Bow biennial election pool. As per the rules, you have until 12:01 a.m. EDT (a minute after midnight) on the morning of Friday, April 15 to place your first round prediction as to the results of the 2011 Canadian election campaign. After that time, we’ll be into the second round, where people make their predictions after having seen more of the campaign.

Remember that this pool encourages people to take a stand and make early predictions in the election race. You are allowed to wait until closer to the election to make your prediction, but you’ll have to overcome a 100 point penalty for not having the gumption to speak out early. Those who participated in the first round are entitled to modify their predictions for the second, or to tell me to “let it ride!”

Again, you are playing for copies of my latest young adult fantasy novel, The Young City, as well as audio copies of my wife’s fantasy novel, Plain Kate. Lindsay Stewart has also kindly offered five download codes for his new album Shaken.

Feel free to make your first round predictions in the comments here, or back at the original post. Good luck!

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