Second Round Begins on the Bow. James Bow Election Pool


We’re now past the halfway mark in the 2011 campaign. The debates have been held, campaigns have matured, and the parties are knuckling down for the final stretch as we approach Election Day. With that in mind, it’s now time to open up the second round of predictions for the Bow. James Bow 2011 Election Pool.

Those of you who wish to participate in the second round may now enter in your prediction of the number of seats each party will take on May 2nd, as well as their best guess on the voter turnout. For those who have already participated in the first round, this is your chance to hone your prediction, given how you think voter support may have shifted during the campaign. Alternately, if you think your prediction is still the one you’re going with, you can comment here and tell me to “Let it Ride”. If I don’t hear from any first round predictors by the time polls close, I will assume that you have let it ride.

Both the first and second round predictions will be counted towards the individual final score. Those who only participate in the second round are scored the same way, except that they must overcome a 100 point penalty for not participating in the first round. However, if your second round prediction is particularly close to the mark, you may well overcome that penalty, if all of the first round guesses are particularly off the mark, or if an accurate first round participant panics and places an inaccurate second round guess that drags them down.

What I mean in all that longwinded verbiage, is that it’s still possible to participate in this pool, and you shouldn’t let your late start deter you.

The full rules, a description of how the guesses will be scored, and a description of the prizes you are playing for, can be found here. Happy predicting, and may be the best person win!

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