Eleanor Grace's Third Birthday

N contemplates the magnitude of 3.

Hard to believe that it’s been three years since little Eleanor Grace came into this world. And it’s amazing to see how similar, and yet how different, she is from her sister Vivian. Vivian is passionate, but Nora is contemplative. Vivian is exuberant, but Nora is stalwart. Vivian very much likes to be in charge, but Nora is no push-over. When she decides to do something, there’s very little campaigning, she just does it. Or says, “No.”

She still hasn’t given up the two-finger suck routine that we witnessed back when she was in-utero. She is becoming more verbal by the day, though she still struggles with pronunciation. And this September, she’ll be attending the same pre-school that Vivian joined in 2008. Next September, Nora will be in Junior Kindergarten.

Where does the time go?

More photographs of her third birthday can be found here

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