Trying Times

This is probably a post that Nora will demand I take down when she’s fourteen or so. Until that time…

We are well into toilet training Nora, and thus far it’s gone well. Certainly it seems less traumatic than the summer we struggled over Vivian’s toilet training. Maybe we’re just more patient, or wiser, having made our mistakes already with Vivian.

But one complication is that Nora has developed a favourite potty stool. And as an individual who used to drive through a fair amount of pain to go to the toilet at home an hour from now rather than brave a toilet at a service station we’re just passing, I can sympathize. (I don’t do this now, of course. Being a father of two toddlers long ago cured me of my phobia over the cleanliness of service station toilets)

However, it’s darn frustrating. Nora has a favourite potty stool. Indeed, I think it would be fair to say that Nora has only one potty stool. No other stool will do. And like her father, she will endure long, long minutes of discomfort (doing the pee dance — you know the one I mean) refusing offers to take her to a restaurant’s bathroom in the hopes that somehow we’ll make it home in time for her to potty where she wants to potty. It gets to the point where she will sometimes scream and cry if you take her to the bathroom and hold her over the toilet. And of course, it makes her unable to pee (tensing up will do that to you), until she gets back to her seat, and the pee dance resumes.

Earlier this week, we were experiencing this behaviour while having lunch, until finally, Nora could stand it no more. Now she pointed at the bathroom door, and I raced her there, got her onto the toilet seat and held her while she cried… and peed.

That was a moment of triumph, and Nora sensed it. She was a lot more comfortable as she ambled back to her seat, a big smile on her face, and climbed up to the table.

And proceeded to spill a large glass of apple juice all over her lap.

Checking out Mac OsX Lion

So the latest update of Apple’s new operating system (OsX Lion) released today at the very reasonable price of $29.99. I’ve just downloaded it and am trying out the new features.

Overall, I like it. There’s some neat design changes, like full screen operation, that really enhance one’s use of the various programs. It feels stable, and the install was a dream (take that, Microsoft!). I like a number of its iOS features, although I’m less than happy with the new autocorrect. It’s entirely too aggressive for my taste, but I’m sure there are settings that I can change.

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