Burlington Waterfront


Erin, Rosemarie and I spent most of the afternoon at Burlington’s Ikea, today. With the kids. We were spending some of the TD’s prize money on replacing our aging bed and getting materials together to transform our basement guest room into a playroom/guest room. The kids were troopers, truthfully, what with all that shopping.

It was getting on evening when we left Ikea, and Erin had the idea of heading south to see Burlington’s waterfront. We were not disappointed. That city has made the most of its precious resource, and the parents were out in force with their kids on what was likely to be the last summer-like holiday of the year. Vivian and Nora played in the playground by the lake, while I experimented with the PRO HDR app on my iPhone while taking some shots of the rising moon. I was quite pleased to capture the moon’s reflection on the surface of Lake Ontario.

More photographs of this wonderful evening (including one interesting PRO HDR “failure”) can be found here.

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