Tick Tock Goes The Clock...


My apologies about the delay in posting here. Things continue to be busy. The good news is, I’m gainfully employed with some paying work. The bad news is… well, given that I’m being gainfully employed with some paying work, the bad news doesn’t seem so bad at all, does it?

My latest column at The Kitchener Post is now up. Click here for my semi-annual rant on changing the clocks back and forth. Once again, I personally would like us to keep Daylight Savings Time going all year round as I hate how the sun appears to set so early these days, but I’m willing to split the difference with Standard Time the next clock change and just be done with changing clocks.

In the meantime, I had the distinct pleasure to go out yesterday with Erin. We went to the theatre in downtown Kitchener and saw the K-W Symphony play a set with singer/songwriter Basia Bulat.

The concert was part of the K-W Symphony’s “Intersections” series; a set of three concerts this season that will pair the symphony with some unusual partners, from folk singer Basia Bulat to something to do about quantum physics, and finally a concert with a prog-rock group. The Basia Bulat set was quite enjoyable. The venue (at the Conrad Centre for the Performing Arts, not Centre in the Square) was quite intimate, and you got to be really up close with the singer and the other musicians. Basia’s songs were rearranged for the orchestra and sung to good effect (Basia’s voice easily holds her ground against the many strings, percussion and wind instruments).

As a ‘meeting of the minds’ between classically trained musicians and the folk-raised Bulat, the two didn’t seem to gel as much as I’d like, but the energy that Basia brings to her performances was matched by the hard work and skill of the K-W Symphony. All told, Erin and I had a good time, and had the pleasure of getting our programs autographed by the singer herself.

As Erin mentioned to Bulat, the big disadvantage of having all of her music on iTunes is that there’s nothing for her to sign, but it was a wonderful evening. Thanks to Rosemarie for watching the kids and getting them to bed. Grandparents are worth their weight in gold.

Winterberries and Apple Blossoms

And this afternoon, Erin, the kids, Rosemarie and I had the pleasure of attending fellow writer Nan Forler’s book launch of Winterberries and Apple Blossoms, a combined poetry, art, cookbook that follows a young Mennonite girl’s year as she grows up in her community. It’s a beautiful collection of poems, all illustrated by (and this is quite a catch) wonderful paintings by local artist Peter Etril Snyder.

This is really a good book to be giving for Christmas. The subject matter is beautifully presented both in word and in art, and all together it’s a book you’ll be proud to have on your coffee table. And I’m especially proud of Nan because I was part of two writers’ groups that helped her workshop these poems. It’s nice to see them out in the wild, flourishing.

The launch was very well done, with kids crafts and an excellent presentation, and you should all go out and buy this book now. You heard me.

I have more writing to do tomorrow and this week, so progress on this blog is likely to be slow. But I will be posting, hopefully with news, so you all should stay tuned.

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