Lousy Farch Weather

Though it can be beautiful…


I suppose I should be grateful that we now have a decent snow cover out there. For weeks, now, winter has seemed late in coming. We’ve had unusually warm days where I haven’t needed to put on a coat. In January. That can’t be right. And while warm and sunny days are welcome, regardless of the season, I couldn’t help but chuckle wryly as I listened to the Weather Network state their take on this season, while trying to stay upbeat. Across many parts of North America, they said, snow cover which had, only a few years ago, been 150% above normal, was now just 12% of what it should be. This was called a “snow deficit”.

Snow deficit, huh? Is that the fancy phrase you use when you don’t want to say “drought”?

Truth to tell, I would appreciate winter if it were colder, brighter and shorter. I’m not phased if the temperature dips down to old Fahrenheit Zero. I’ve been through Fahrenheit Zero and felt an incredible sense of accomplishment. And the way the sun in a clear sky reflects off of snow makes up somewhat for the lack of light in the rest of the season. What I really hate is yo-yo-ing temperatures and grey skys. If we’re to have winter, give us winter! Make it hard, make it bright but, most importantly, make it end. That way, I can look forward to the change of seasons.

I have been noticing that the sun is setting later these days — it’s now possible to be outside at 6 p.m. and still see light in the sky. That gives me some hope. Though the idea that we have another sixty days to go before spring is basically guaranteed weighs heavily on the shoulders.

As you can tell from the fact that I haven’t updated this blog since Monday, it’s been busy here, yet again. I’ve been hard at work on a project for the real-estate broker I worked for back in August. The work is appreciated, not only for the pay, but also for the fact that I’ve been able to put my long-dormant planning skills to work again. The work is also mostly done, though the remaining parts are proving to be frustratingly finicky.

In other news, my latest column for The Kitchener Post is now out. I greatly appreciate being allowed a soapbox upon which to spout my passions about public transportation. Your comments are appreciated.

Other than that, there’s little to report on the blog, though I still hope this will change in the near future. I am, as ever, waiting for news. Keep your fingers crossed for me…

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